The goal was to create an inviting online resource, where people of the Cayman Islands could visit, without the social stigma of mental illness. The site was designed and developed to provide a user friendly experience and easy to use content management system to allow the client access to make quick updates without the knowledge of complex web development software. The end result is a streamlined website that serves as the go-to resource for mental illness in the Cayman Islands.

In 2014, The Wellness Centre celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and Tower was tasked with freshening the existing logo. The shapes were shifted to more closely resemble the petals of a flower, the new colours are more saturated and lively. As for the font, the Wellness Centre has graduated to a more contemporary, streamlined sans-serif font. We’re happy to report the new logo was chosen for a 2015 Silver Caribbean Advertising Federation ADDY Award in the Logo Design category!