Cayman’s vibrant film making community created a locally produced short film, The Devil You Know, in 2014. Before hitting the international film festival circuit, producers hosted a local premiere, so residents of Cayman could have the first look at the film. To ensure a red-carpet affair, Tower solicited and managed sponsorship of the premiere event, which took place on September 13, 2014, at Regal Theatres in Camana Bay. Tower ensured consistent brand for the film and its premiere, making The Devil You Know easily recognisable across print and digital marketing campaigns. A strong marketing campaign, including a media blitz in the days preceding the premiere, resulted in 5 sold-out showings of the movie.

Key components of a red carpet walk, such as a step and repeat and red-carpet media interviews, were coordinated by Tower, and provided the details that left the more than 1000 attendees feeling like they had been transported to Hollywood, and made the premiere a great success.