5 Things to help you while you work from home: 20 March 2020

We made it! It’s the end of the first official week of social distancing and the first week of working from home for many of us. It was tougher than we probably expected – we are social creatures and this is hard. So while we #StayHomeCayman remember we can still check in with each other on the phone, via video, email, social media or a wave from your window or balcony!  

Here are the 5 Things you need to know:

1. Today is International Day of Happiness! The United Nations celebrates the importance of happiness and wellbeing as universal goals and recognise its importance for economic growth, productivity and public policy.

Health and happiness go hand in hand, so find time today to focus on your mental, emotional and physical health. And remember, laughter is the best medicine.

2. The Cayman Islands Government has allocated $3 million from the National Disaster Fund to provide support for Caymanian workers. Here are 8 tips for Cayman’s small businesses on how to manage through the crisis.

3. Spread love and hope. Some people in our community are more vulnerable and need a helping hand. Here’s how you can help:

4. Cayman banks are offering mortgage relief amid the COVID-19 crisis. So please call your bank if you need assistance.

5. A big shout out to all the businesses who are shifting gear, thinking outside the box and figuring out how to keep their businesses going by being adaptive, flexible and creative. Cayman Spirits Company has repurposed some of its equipment to produce an all-purpose sanitizer.  But don’t worry, they’re still making rum too!

Stay safe Cayman.