5 Things you need to know this week – May 17

  1. Carnival fever continues this weekend as Caymas Carnival goers parade from George Town to West Bay showcasing Cayman’s people and culture. 
  2. The Hedge Funds Care is holding a dinner party at Royal Palms on 30 May with proceeds supporting child abuse prevention and treatment programmes.  
  3. Celebrate Cayman has initiated a national campaign which will encourage 60 acts of service over the weekend of 1-2 June inspiring people to make a difference in the Cayman community. 
  4. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service have taken action to fight cybercrime with the development of a new forensic hub.
  5. Sarah Collins Cayman author of “The Confessions of Frannie Langton”, has had her dreams come true as she has been hired to adapt her praised book on screen.
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