5 things you need to know – 3 March

  1. Cayman Airways has announced this week it will continue to operate flights to Denver despite making the decision to ground its long-range Boeing 737 Max. 
  2. The 27th annual St. Patrick‚Äôs Day 5km Irish Jog is on tonight at Britannia green space and will raise money for the Alex Panton Foundation.
  3. Cayman members of the global 100 Women in Finance, Christina Bodden and Betty Baraud, attended the 100WF London Gala this week, an event attended by Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.
  4. The 5th annual Power of the Purse event is taking place next Friday at the Ritz-Carlton, with Amanda Lindhout, inspirational speaker and author of ‘A House in the Sky’, taking the stage for the keynote address.
  5. Local athlete Charles-Antoine Sokohl ran around the island in eight days and raised an amazing $8,000 to help fund special education support for underprivileged children.
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