Connect with your audience this Christmas

I admit it; I love the Christmas season but I dread shopping – the traffic, the crowds, will I get the right gift? Will I overspend? Most customers share the same fears. With all the stress of the holidays, it’s important to connect with your customers and have them trust you to assist them drive sales or promotion during this time. After all, this is the biggest time of year for business and one of the most important periods for your bottom line.

A recent survey from research firm, Statistica, indicated that one third of Americans spend over US$500 on gifts during the holiday season. Cayman tends to mirror our larger neighbour to the north, so let’s assume that’s also the case here.

Here are some things to take into consideration when marketing your products and services to clients during the festive season, whether you’re a retail outlet, restaurant, or other service provider.

Brand recognition
At a time when brands are all fighting to get noticed, familiarity shouldn’t be underestimated. If your customers know your brand, keep your presence top of mind when people are more likely to loosen their purse strings. Keep your name out there. Most holiday shoppers don’t have a product or brand in mind when they begin shopping, they just have names on a list. This is your time to influence their purchases through marketing products that have them leaving your store satisfied.

Mobile usage continues to grow
Since 2015 mobile has been strengthening its position as a primary shopping channel, providing users an unprecedented level of convenience. According to statistics research firm, Statistica, mobile ecommerce sales account for 34.5% of total ecommerce sales in 2017, and that number is growing by the day. By 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales. With business trending in this direction, make sure your site is optimised for mobile use, ensure your e-blasts are mobile friendly and keep an eye out on the evolution of this space to keep customer engagement high.

Be social this Christmas
We’ve been keeping a close eye on the recent Christmas advertising campaigns from the more popular international brands this season, you can check the best and worst out here. Remember the importance of storytelling, an essential part of content marketing, particularly during the holiday period. Touch the hearts and souls of potential customers by not just trying to force a product or service into their consciousness but being creative and leaving a lasting memory that will have people unable to stop talking about your brand.

Email past buyers
Last minute shoppers are often repeat offenders. So use your customer database knowledge to create a list of those customers who rushed in on Christmas Eve frantically searching for items to complete their list, and surprise them with a tailored email campaign which will help them again this year!

Remember, to keep your customers merry this holiday season you have to know your audience to effectively engage with them. A successful brand will understand the importance of relevant, personalised interactions along with creative delivery. If you need a hand developing a Christmas campaign for your brand, don’t fear, Tower is here!



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