OTEC International LLC (OTI), through its subsidiary Cayman OTI, congratulates the Cayman Islands for the country’s efforts to move towards a more sustainable future. Cayman OTI recently attended the 2018 CTEC conference (Caribbean Transitional Energy Conference), which, alongside local and international speakers, attracted over 120 delegates, with a focus on establishing a low carbon future for the Caribbean, with an emphasis on Cayman.

Pictured: Eileen Rourke

Over recent years, Cayman OTI has been working closely with the Cayman Islands Government, CUC, DOE and OfReg in order to implement their ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology off the North Side of Grand Cayman in the near future. Using OTEC, Cayman OTI offers a clean and sustainable electricity generation option, ideal for countries with a tropical climate and deep waters such as the Cayman Islands.

Eileen O’Rourke, President of OTI and Cayman OTI said, “It is an important time for energy in the Caribbean and we’re excited to be a part of the Cayman Island’s steps towards sustainability. Conferences such as CTEC provide a platform for not only those who work in the energy industry, but for the people of the Caribbean to talk about a renewable future.

“We’d like to congratulate CREA in putting on the CTEC conference again this year and the Cayman Government for moving the National Energy Policy (NEP) forward. We were delighted that Minister Hew included OTI in his update on progress of NEP during his remarks at the event.

“Cayman OTI looks forward to being a part of Cayman’s renewable energy future and continuing our work with OfReg and CUC to finalize terms for an agreement that will allow for the installation of our technology in Cayman, which will decrease the cost of energy, increase the environmental sustainability of Cayman’s energy sector, increase energy security, as well as contribute to the economic development of the energy industry in the Cayman Islands.

“We are excited to be the first to commercialise ocean thermal energy conversion technology and to bring it to the Cayman Islands. We continue to be grateful to the Cayman Islands Government for their interest in developing this innovative and forward-thinking sustainable energy option in Cayman.” O’Rourke said.