5 things you need to know -July 6

  1. Ten local models, vocalists and actors will be jetting off to LA for the World Competition of the Performing Arts. This will be an opportunity for Cayman’s team to meet stage performers from around the world and gain valuable experience.
  2.  It’s an impressive week for wild life conservation in Cayman with the release of a second wave of blue iguanas into the Salina Reserve and sixteen sea turtles into the waters of Little Cayman.
  3. Coffee lovers, Starbucks is set to open in Cayman later this year. Caribbean Coffee Baristas plan to bring the franchise to Cayman opening at least three stores.
  4. TIME has released their fourth annual roundup of the 25 most influential people on the internet. The unranked list consists of classics such as Kanye, Kylie Jenner, Trump and Rhianna.
  5. Delegates of the Cayman Girl’s Brigade are going to Zambia to attend the International Conference of the Girls’ Brigade. The conference will provide training opportunities and the chance to interact with leaders from 46 countries around the world. 
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