Micro-moment marketing

Ensuring we’re always at the top of our game and up to speed with the latest marketing trends, #TeamTower will often be spotted at the island’s marketing conferences and workshops, likely hanging around the pastry stand, but always learning. This month, Abby, Ashani and I headed along to Yello’s Digicon conference and Elyse delved into the depths of SEO at DOT and Blueliner’s Digital Marketing Training. On comparing notes, there’s a common theme and a new player in the strategic digital sphere; micro-moment marketing.

Due to the ever-changing digital marketing environment, constantly evolving social media algorithms and instant information gratification, we’re witnessing a fundamental shift in the way customers are consuming media and making their choices, all thanks to mobile, micro-moments which can happen anytime, anywhere. So whether that’s searching the best jerk chicken on Seven Mile Beach, watching ‘how-to’ YouTube videos on fishtail braids for Batabano, or comparing car insurance, we have a world of information and solutions at our fingertips. The battle for our attention and our dollars can now be won and lost in the following crucial micro-moments:

I want to know moments

The ‘I want to know moments’ cover the beginning of a consumer’s purchasing journey – when they’re researching and exploring. We’ve all been there, you see something that grabs your attention and you want to know more, your automatic reaction is to take out your phone to get your solution then and there.

I want to go moments

These are the ‘search to store’ moments when the consumer is out and about and on the go, looking for a local business or product near them. Over the past year, the increase of ‘near me’ searches has doubled . More and more people are looking for things in their vicinity, whether it’s pizza or a personal trainer. So make sure your Google business pin is set up correctly and you have a wealth of correct information on your listing!

I want to do moments

Did you know that over 100 million hours of YouTube ‘how-to’ content was watched in the USA last year ? Learning how to do things and do them well used to be a time consuming process. However, users can now learn from the experts instantly. The most popular searches range from the practical (“how to tie a tie”) to the creative (“how to make french toast”) and often topics such as beauty, DIY and fitness hit the top search spots.

I want to buy moments

In today’s connected world, whether you’re making a small impulse purchase, comparing reviews or a buying a big-ticket item, mobile shopping never sleeps. Your mobile device now acts as a personal shopping assistant, with product and experience reviews at your fingertips. Savvy brands need to be there or be square in order to convert this final step in the consumer journey to purchase.

Your brand needs to be there in a consumer’s moment of need, deliver relevant messaging and make it easy for customers to make a purchase by anticipating needs and loading your mobile page like lightening. Wherever your consumer is in the world, brands can win these crucial micro-moments by ensuring their mobile presence is tip top.

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