‘TGIF’ is something to celebrate and Tower has sampled the best team lunch spots in honour of the occasion. Every Friday we look for a certain bravado, an audacity of flavour and a gung-ho approach to dishes. To find these we always try to search outside of the ‘normal’ lunch spots. Here is the list for you, get ready to be hungry.

#1 Full Steam Fish, The Fish Pot, by Al Thompson

The freshly caught fish is stuffed with vegetables, tomatoes, pepper, scotch bonnet, onion, and garlic and served swimming in a beautiful fish stock, covered in slices of local okra. This healthy dish does not boast. It serves its purpose to electrify my taste buds and keep me coming back for more. TIP: it is rather difficult to find. Take the turning between AL Thompson and the Humane Society and it is just past Welly’s. If you see men playing dominoes in the parking lot…you’re in the right place.

#2 Lobster Roti at Singh’s Roti Shop, George Town

I fell in love with Trinidadian roti more than a decade ago and this lobster studded badboy does not disappoint. The freshly baked roti skins gently hug the lobster, chickpea and curry fillings. TIP: mix the tamarind and scotch bonnet sauce together for roti dipping, oh, and DEFINITELY order a double. It’s, essentially, a roti with a ground split pea filling inside – $2 of deliciousness.

#3 The Monster, Smokin Bros, Various Locations

It’s not hard to argue that Smokin Bros are responsible for the current Cayman barbecue truck renaissance. The Monster is a beautiful meaty creation filled with tender smoked brisket & pulled pork in a beautifully baked bun. TIP: the smoked pumpkin, kale and chickpea salad is a delicious side to share with colleagues… and! Try to avoid getting there at 12noon, unless of course you enjoy getting food envy for 30mins in the baking hot Cayman sun.

#4 Chef John’s, Various Locations

Chef John’s is a piece of BBQ sauce heaven. Honestly I have never tasted a BBQ sauce like it in my life. I’m not meat eater but the BBQ ribs instantly turn me into a raging carnivore. The secret recipe is what makes the dish so unique. And, if you want to take the sauce home they sell it in gallon containers. TIP: they are very generous with their sides. If you don’t want a particular side, tell them.

#5 Congo Square, Chicken Chicken, West Bay Road

This sweet gooey deliciousness is enough to make the most strict gluten free/lactose free/calorie free/goodness free dieter cave. The chocolate brownie is crusted in desiccated coconut, rolled in sweet caramel and covered in fudge with a subtle cake-like rise. TIP: ALWAYS keep $2.50 spare change in the event of a colleague shouting “I’m going to Chicken Chicken, does anyone want anything?”

#6 Portobello Mushroom Mozzarella Pesto Sliders, Gabriel’s Grill, Various Locations

This Portobello mushroom burger with mozzarella and pesto is so good, you’ll never miss the meat. $6 for three sliders? Yes please! TIP: Gabriel’s Grill food truck has recently opened so give them a follow on Facebook for new menu items and food truck location.

Feel free to contact us and suggest your favourite lunch spots for us to try on our next team lunch — and if you haven’t had one of our recommendations yet, go for it, and tell ’em Megan from Tower sent you.

Food envy is a glorious thing my friends…but only when the other person is suffering from it. Mmmm