How to make the most out of your internship: Parker Godwin

As this is my last internship blog for Tower, I decided that the best thing I can post is how to make the most of your internship.

As my days left in education are numbered and adult life is looming, I am ever conscious of how competitive the job market is. It is for this reason alone, I wanted to ensure the time I spent gaining experience wasn’t fruitless. With that said, I strongly believe that making a positive, lasting impression can work wonders in the future when the search for full-time employment begins. Having interned at Tower for the past two months, I’ve compiled a few tips for any aspiring interns looking to improve their skillset.

  • Be open minded, allow yourself to be inspired

If opportunities arise in areas you hadn’t imagined yourself in, take them anyway. You never know where your talents lie and you may just find yourself discovering areas/disciplines that suit your skillset better than your original assumptions.

  • Get involved, make yourself heard

Remember, you’re a new member of the team with a fresh perspective. Voice any ideas you have and “sit at the table”, your opinion is valuable. Staying after work/volunteering to help on other projects to broaden your experience is one way to really make the most of your opportunity. What I discovered the most about working at an agency is that no two days are the same, and there are always opportunities to develop in new areas.

  • Make sure you are taken seriously

#AgencyLife is like nothing I have experienced previously and as a result, I was concerned how to be taken seriously, given my lack of experience in the field. I found that keeping it simple is the best way to start:

Show up on time. If works starts at 9, be there at 8:50. Be the early bird, rather than the latecomer.

Be presentable. Be safe and overdress, every time. Go big or go home, be too formal rather than too casual.

Be professional online and off. Making sure your Social media and LinkedIn profiles represent you in the best light is just as important as representing yourself professionally in person.

  • Stay informed
    It is okay to lack experience, but it is not okay not to do your homework. Research the company, and their work/client list, knowledge is power. Subscribe to e-newsletters and follow thought leaders in the area on social media to give you that extra edge when pitching ideas.
  • Ask for a mentor 

    Luckily for me, I have been designated a select member of #TeamTower as my mentor. My mentor receives all of my crazy questions and acts as a marker on anything I create from press releases and blogs to social media and media advisories. What I love about this is the structure allows me to ask questions (no matter how superfluous I feel they may be) and learn in a relaxed setting. My mentor also gave advice and is tracked my progression.
    If a mentor isn’t in place for you already, asking for one will show your employer that you want to learn, you want your work to be monitored, and that you ultimately care about the work you produce for their company. And just like at Tower, a mentor can also act as that “go-to” reference for any concerns, questions or guidance you may need throughout your journey.

This internship has been a great experience and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of #TeamTower. I am happy to leave knowing that when the time comes and I face interviews for my first full-time role, I will have a lot to say.

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