What is the Tower Consumer Survey?

The Tower Consumer Survey is a market research survey that reports consumer behavior in the Cayman Islands. This survey provides businesses with local consumer core demographic information. The analysis of the survey provides valuable data to your business so you can more effectively reach your target market.

Do you have a question you would like to ask the general public?

Businesses can take part in this market research opportunity when buying a customized question(s) to be included on the survey. That means you will get all of the results from the 30+ questions of core demographic research, as well as results from your business’ specific question. With a sample size of 500, this is a great representation of the local Cayman market.

Results from this survey will give insight to the current market and will provide you data so your business can:

  • advertise in relevant media that reaches your target audience effectively
  • send effective messages to your target market
  • monitor and measure the performance of your marketing spend
  • effectively gauge public opinion on important issues
  • measure public perceptions of competing products/businesses
  • generate effective PR content
  • make informed decisions based on strong research data tailored to you

How it works

  • This survey follows the Omnibus format, which means multiple clients buy into the survey, allowing you access to large core data, at a lower cost.
  • Tower’s researchers make phone calls to residents in the Cayman Islands using a randomized phone number generator. Once we reach a sample size of 500, the data is analyzed.
  • At the end of the research each client receives a detailed report with core data, plus a detailed analysis of their market research.
  • Client specific questions are completely confidential and your results will not be shared with anyone but you.


Our next survey will be carried out in September 2015. Sign up now to make sure your question(s) are included.

How much does it cost?

Questions are CI $2,000 each, which gives you the results of your specific question, as well as all of the core market research. This is a very affordable way of conducting a large scale research project.  Discounts are available when you purchase three or more questions.

For more information or to sign up, contact Dana at 345-749-8202 or