Kirsty MacGeoch

If whisky’s your drink, then Kirsty’s your girl! Kirsty caught our eye when she followed us on Twitter and told us she was ready to trade the cold Scottish mountains for the warm Caribbean sea. A few clicks later we found her luxury whisky experience company, Whisky Co, which connects visitors to Scotland’s whisky industry. The company’s Twitter, Instagram and website were so gorgeous that we were sold immediately. One long plane ride later and here she is.

Kirsty brought with her extensive experience in consumer and lifestyle media relations and vast professional experience with FMCG and hospitality, retail and consumer products such as Omega, Hendrick’s Gin, Swarovski and Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Kirsty specialises in creating and implementing media relations strategies and digital campaigns and every client who works with her benefits from her expertise in PR, issues management, corporate communications, stakeholder engagement and event management.

Kirsty is obsessed with dogs, prefers dinner to desert, is the oldest of three siblings and feels freest when she is skiing. She grew up on a farm surrounded by piglets, rabbits and a llama called Tyler.

And she doesn’t mind a single malt after 6pm.

Just for Fun

Probably my sister, Ailie. Not that she’s a great actress, but apparently we look pretty similar. We were out on a boat recently here and we were asked twice if we were twins. She’s 2 years younger than me, but taller (and skinnier :().

What was your favourite vacation?
Every year when we were little, we would go skiing in the Alps in France. My parents were both ski instructors, that’s how they met, so skiing has always been a big part of our lives. We would often stop off at Disneyland Paris on the way home as a treat too. Skiing is where I feel most free. Not to mention après ski is the most fun thing in the world.

What is your favourite dessert?
I’m actually not that much of a pudding person, which is a blessing in disguise. I’d always choose a starter over a pudding. But if I HAVE to have dessert, I’d probably go for a pudding that’s not much of a pudding, like an affogato, which is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 liquor and 1/3 ice cream.

What is your favourite rainy day activity?
Back in the UK, it would be snuggling up watching a box set with my labrador Tala and ordering take-out. I’m still ploughing through Game of Thrones. Here in Cayman, the rain showers seem to be over quickly, so I use that time to go to the gym or sleep, depending on my mood. It tends to be sleep.

What’s your favourite Disney movie?
The Lion King. All day everyday. I think it’s my favourite movie full stop. I still cry my eyes out at that really sad part with the wildebeest which I can’t talk about. When I was little, I had a Disney party where all the other girls came in cute princess dresses. I had my mum make me a Simba outfit. I had a Simba cake and the venue was decorated in Lion King everything #obsessed. I think the other girls were a little disappointed, but I had the BEST time.

Kirsty MacGeoch
"You are more than what you have become." - The Lion King
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