Elissa Costello

Our Aussie boomerang – this is Elissa’s second stint with Tower.  We can’t get rid of her.  She is our chief wordsmith and has a keen eye for good design.  Naturally curious, highly adaptable, and a critical thinker, she loves nothing more than a good brainstorm.  Elissa plays a key role in steering business development and corporate strategy for the good ship Tower.

She has been launching new brands and keeping existing ones fresh and top-of-mind for longer than she cares to confess.  Her experience spans consultancy and in-house roles working in the financial services, government, consumer and corporate sectors.  She has a Bachelor degree in Communications and a Masters in Marketing.

She earned her stripes in Sydney’s harsh PR agency world – copying, stapling, and stuffing media releases into envelopes, gluing photos to card, and walking through newsrooms to hand-deliver releases, invitations, cookies, and whatever else worked for attention.

Elissa likes memes, blogs, puns, magazines, good design, and strong, black coffee.

Just for Fun

If you could only eat three foods a day, what would they be?
Coffee, wine and salt & vinegar crisps

Any pet peeves?
Spelling mistakes, bad grammar, poor punctuation, and the incorrect use of you’re and your.

Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Roadrunner. He’s fast, he stays on the road, and is always one step ahead.  Beep! Beep!

What is the thing your most afraid of?
The Zombie Apocalypse

Tell us something that not many people know about you.
When I was young, I used to torture my two little sisters by pretending to be an alien from another planet. I would put a box on my head and call myself “Boxhead” and chase them around. They would run, crying, for their lives.

What is your favorite thing to do on your day off?
Go to the beach, drink margaritas, and hang with my gorgeous kids and hubby.

Elissa Costello
"Think BIG and make your own path."
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