Today, June 14th 2018, Rotary Central Cayman Islands launched Not Your Spot, a national awareness campaign highlighting the correct use and importance of disabled parking spots.

The campaign aims to not only educate the public on the proper and improper use of disabled ‘blue spots’ around the island, but also why these parking spaces are so important to the people who have the rights to use them.

Susie Bodden, President of Rotary Central Cayman Islands recognised the need to raise more awareness on what is becoming an increasing problem for Cayman’s disabled community. There were 11 fines handed out for illegal parking in disabled spaces in May alone.

“It is imperative that Cayman’s community comes together on the issue of illegal parking in disabled spots,” Ms. Bodden said. “Disabled parking spots and blue badges are an essential service for Cayman’s disabled population, allowing ease of access to workplaces, shops, and other basic required services,”

“Too often, disabled parking spaces across the island are taken by drivers without the blue badge who are failing to recognise the importance of these dedicated areas are for our disabled community. Not Your Spot will not only serve to educate the public on the implications of parking in one of these spots, but also what these parking spaces mean to those who need them most.”

The Not Your Spot campaign message will be communicated through radio, newspaper and digital advertising, as well as through printed flyers and posters. Rotary Central Cayman Islands will be supported on the project by media partners, DMS Broadcasting and will also be working closely with the RCIPS to bring the message to the whole of Grand Cayman.

“Not all disabilities are visible and carers and family members of disabled people may have blue badges on their cars too. With this in mind, we want to also remind people that it’s important to leave the enforcement of the proper use of disabled parking spots to the police,” Ms. Bodden said.

“If we each play our part by parking correctly and making sure we never park in a disabled spot, even if you are running late, or just nipping into the supermarket for a minute, we will be alleviating this ever-increasing issue. Your sixty-second trip can result in a sixty-minute trip for somebody who needs that parking spot.

“With proper implementation and education, incidents of illegal parking in disabled blue spots could be significantly reduced and the day-to-day lives of our disabled community made much easier. Not Your Spot is about respect, as well as bringing Cayman together to all help support our disabled community.”

Not Your Spot is supported by Rotary Central Cayman Islands, RCIPS, DMS Broadcasting and Tower.

June 14, 2018 – Cayman Compass