Ashani Francis-Collins

Ashani may have been born in England, but she is Caymanian through and through. After interning throughout her studies with media companies from Government Information Services to Pinnacle Media, #TeamTower is now her post-graduation home.

As well as having an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Media Studies with High Distinction from the University of Toronto, she is well seasoned in the art of press releases, news articles, magazine pieces and working in TV. On joining Tower, we quickly discovered her skills and our clientele were a perfect match.
Thanks to the *million* essays written at University, Ashani considers her strengths to lie in taking instructions well, and putting them into practice efficiently. Teamwork is also her strong suit, having represented the Cayman Islands in football for four years (something that makes Ashani incredibly proud).

Ashani is at her happiest when she first starts a new book. If Ashani is not working or reading, you will find her at the cinema, doting on her puppy, Penny, or trying out new restaurants. She is also a life-long Manchester United fan. Oh, and her hair has an instagram.

Just for Fun

If you could only go to one concert, in your life time, who would you see?
Probably Beyoncé… her concerts look incredible!

Where is your happy place?
In bed with a good book.

Cake or pie?
This is a hard one because I love desserts. Probably pie – with ice cream!

What is the last show you binge watched?
Stranger Things… only took me two nights after work!

If you had to participate in the Olympics

, what sport would you do?
Football for sure.

Ashani Francis-Collins
“Don’t panic.” - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
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